Hitchhikers Guide to Innovation Management: “The Best of the Best Advice”

This Guide was designed based on first-hand discussions with colleagues and clients from United States and around the world.

    It is important to tap the insights generated by others that have gone before so you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes. Thus this Guide shares real executive experiences, those things have made companies wealthy and innovative, and those things that have led to decay and bankruptcy. There is little room for poor choices in today’s competitive environment.

Not all Guides are meant to be read the same way.

    Some books are good stories that one can read from start to finish in a single evening. Others are longer, to be digested over several days. This Guide is a mix between a Book and a Manual. It contains insights obtained over many decades. Each chapter and sometimes each paragraph have been distilled from many months or years of work. It may be difficult to fully absorb each concept in a short period time. The best mode would be to read a short paragraph or a chapter and then think about how to apply those concepts within your organization. You may thus find yourself actually jumping through this Guide from spot to spot as opposed to an orderly progression. That’s not to say that an orderly progression isn’t wise. One should read this Guide in a way that provides the most learning. The objective is to be able to implement what you understand from this Guide.

Note on the examples provided in this Guide.

    Some of the examples used in this Guide will appear relatively old. Do not be misled however! They are the best examples that can be publicly disclosed. These examples are still the best and currently in-practice today. This approach was used because sharing detailed examples of older but still best-practice processes provides readers with more a robust understanding and learning than sharing current stories that have been sanitized to be shared in public.